Sunday, June 15, 2014

Marcus Borg: Jesus, Uncovering the life Teachings, Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary

I've been slowly reading "Jesus, Uncovering the life Teachings, Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary" and I've been sum what surprised at the strength of Borg's emphasis about the "political-dominance" and how it implicates especially my understanding of the 'Kingdom of God'.

I suppose a crude way of understanding the 'political dominance' may be the Marxist revolution in Russia. The 'Political-dominance would be the equivalent of the ruling class the tzars and the aristocrats vs the peasants.
Jesus foresaw the new Kingdom of one of Justice and Compassion. I suppose that Marx's saw it in terms of some type of economic equality (I'm no expert on Marx so happy to be shown wrong).

Moving on I can see that Jesus 'Kingdom of God' is almost a template or archetype for most revolutions. It would seem to me that historical revolutions attempts at bringing in parts of 'The Kingdom of God', yet they eventually fail.

It makes me wonder even though Jesus spoke of the 'Kingdom of God' here and now. How did he see it running? I don't think he ever envisaged a democracy, communism or any other political system. I don't think it would have been some peace loving type hippy commune either; or maybe he did?

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