Sunday, May 25, 2014

Politics that grubby game.

If there is one thing that I can't stand is a liar, and what is even is worse than a liar is a hypocrite. Stretching their neck like an ostrich above the crowd to gain the high moral ground.

Tony Abbott, the hypocrite: in opposition, on and on about liars. The first Abbot budget has seen broken promises   loss of funding to the ABC, every one paying more taxes  and  extra burden on those who are on the lowest economic scale. 

I'm going to predict it now. Tony Abbot will be a one term PM. As a person who has followed politics for a long time I've never seen a PM so consistently so low in the polls first term.
It confirms to me that the Abbott government didn't win government. The Gillard/Rudd governments were punished for not there policy, but there disunity.
Australia is a middle centrist population politically. Howard was aware of it. Abbot has shown total disregard and I'm sure will be punished in under three years time.

Then theres always Turnbul...

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