Monday, March 3, 2014

A short history of Myth :: Karen Armstrong

A short history of Myth :: Karen Armstrong

This book caused me to reflect. For me the understanding of myth occurred just a few years ago. The difference of reading something for truth as opposed to a literal meaning. As theologian Marcus Borg writes, to believe in rather than believe that. It hit home while watching The life of PI, two different stories yet both parallel and with the same ending. Which one was real? Which one was true? PI asks the officials which story they prefer at the end of the movie. They choose the story with the animals (Which is way more dramatic). Pi thanks them and says "And so it goes with God."

These type of insights are why I do not give up on fiction. They speak to me.

It is no wonder on reflecting on the Armstrong's book that at least within my past denomination The Vineyard, prophesy, visions have a place in the Church. They have a myth like quality. They take a brake from the literalness, the inerrancy of scripture. It is the remodelling of truths in a different way, parallel to the bible message.

It seems to me stories of myth, are to few in our culture, we are dying in many ways because of it.


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