Friday, June 27, 2014

Suggs, that close


I wouldn't have even known who the lead singer of Madness untilI picked up 'Suggs'. I'm a product of the eighties, so I thought I'd give it a read.

In many ways it was a romantic look back at the eighties. Suggs seemed to have had a ball. It brought back to me fond memories. Madness was probably the first introduction to English pop for myself. When we were having a baby sitter who missed a week and then the following week told us she had been to the band 'Madness' and then played a few of their songs for us. I like them.

Suggs was an interesting guy, he wrote the book without a ghost writer and I think you can tell. Lots of great little stories. Yet he missed or was reluctant to go into details of the more awkward parts of his life. For example the nitty gritty of the tensions in the band. Where he thought his dad was, or ended up? It was all a bit to upbeat. It was as if he never had depression and was constantly bubbly.

I watched a few clips, of Madness, they were fun classic English silliness. So different to the over sexualised trash that music clips are from today.



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