Thursday, June 30, 2011

Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren, Here: Naming the Mystery

Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren, Here: Naming the Mystery, Chapter 5

As alluded to in the Chapter heading this is about the naming of God. Its a big topic and I know that there are actual books on the subject. In reading the chapter it reminded me of how many metaphors we have for God trying to describe the indescribable. Words giving us just glimpses of our Maker.
Mclaren talks of a tenssion
...Between naming God and not reducing G-d to a name, this tension between addressing God through a name but never possessing G-d in a verbal or conceptual address, this electricity between what theologians call God's immanence or accessibility and G-d's transcendence or complete otherness.
It is this tension which Mclaren bases much of his practical spirituality. He then goes on to describe how he uses prayers, and liturgy about this tension to remind himself and assist the listener in remembering the tension.

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