Saturday, June 4, 2011

Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren, But I'm Spiritual

Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren, But I'm Spiritual

This second chapter is also part of the introduction. Interestingly I find that McLaren likes to draw out his introductions. I find they are often the best parts of his books!

This post is a continuation of my very rough summary of Brian Mclaren's book 'Naked Spirituality' previous chapters are ::

McLaren looks at the classic line 'I'm not religious but I'm spiritual' and has a few thoughts on it.
I really liked when he looked at the etymology of the word 'religion'. 'lig' meaning to connect or gion together like you see in the word ligament. Re as again and again. Religion is therefore joining us together again and again. Connecting us with God again and again. 'Good' religion helps us in this process.
McLaren uses the term 'de-religion' for practices which do the opposite to re-connecting us with God.

Spiritual Experiences and Spiritual Experience.

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