Thursday, December 9, 2010


As I've previously posted before my friend Scott has been diagnosed as been transgendered.
As a Christian I've worked through and still working through the idea of sexuality which isn't the norm. Some of my thoughts

Is this part of God's plan for creation? 
Mmm probably not, unless he thinks that a few mutant strands of DNA are a good thing in cell division, for evolution and diversity of species.

What does God think of people who aren't the 'norm'?
He still loves them, walks with them, communes with them.

What does God do to people who aren't the norm?

Very similar to my answer above. Except I'd add that I think he has a special affinity for these people. He would have an understanding of the pain they go through, the rejection, condemnation. How so often they want to be 'normal' but it is no choice.

Does God want to heal people who aren't the norm?
This is an interesting one, because I think that where ever a person is there can be healing. It's a more holistic idea which includes lots of things: the mind, relationship with others, the spirit. Only a small amount is do do with the body. If a person was restored physically the person would be 'Cured'. I think God is more into 'healing' than 'Curing'.
Interesting in my friend Scotts case I can see a lot of 'healing' taking place.

Whats my response?

I want to treat them as normally as possible. It is difficult though. It's difficult because its hard to relate to there experience. In my friend Scott's case I've always thought of him as a male. The shift in my thinking is a difficult one. Yet I think of the shift that Scott has made it has been a lifetime.

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