Friday, October 1, 2010

Transgender and Christianity

My good friend over at Un-sync-able Scott/Ellie has posted some more thoughts on being transgendered and Christianity. I found it amazing his wife's Lisa's perspective.
Hi from Lisa, Ellie Whites wife. Just want to let people know having married this beautiful person as a man 18 years ago and then only 6 years ago discovering why s/he had felt so out of place in this world all of hir (his/her in tg terms) life. There was heartache stress and trauma for me yes but after a lot of self soul searching realized that s/he was still the same person that I had spent my adult life with and had 4 beautiful children with. I now realise that just because he looks like a man (although not for very much longer) he really does think, act and feel like a woman. {More so than me sometimes} God did not make a mistake, s/he is the most caring, giving, loving 'wife' and parent anyone could wish for. I see the hourly struggle, anxiety, pain and suffering s/he goes through in just trying to survive in hir own misfitted body and the rejection, isolation and misunderstanding s/he faces from many others.

And it is true the suicide rate is far too high in this group of beautiful but too often unacceptable people. Ellie has been so close on a few occassions and that is difficult for me to deal with. S/he has felt so much guilt about what myself and hir kids suffer that I have been close to it at times too. Because I then feel guilt cos I don't feel I am being as supportive loving or accepting as I could be. We absolutely love each other but it doesn't mean we don't struggle with it constantly. This is not a 'normal' situation and no-one really understands so please anyone out there who calls themselves a christian and loves Jesus, remember every second of every day that in this society #particularly christian circles# we struggle with peoples uneducated fundamental views and that hurts us to the core. All we ask is to be shown grace, love and understanding.

I can't believe how brave she is. Their journey has been incredibly tough. I'm so glad they are sharing it so that at least for me I can understand some of there pain.
The other thing that I conclude reading their story is that Jesus would be among them, sharing their pain. Not judging weighing up wrong and right. Just being with them.
I've concluded that people do not choose this path, it is one of to much pain. Yet it is fate which these guys have been given; I can only support them and try my best as I think Jesus would do.
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