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How big is your God?

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I had a interesting conversation the other day. Talking to a person who goes to a Church down my way. I asked what the preaching was about this Sunday. (I think you can often remember how well a speaker is by what is remembered.)
There reply was that it was about the 'Greens' and how they are out to wreck everything Christian.
I replied that I didn't think this was true that many of the greens policy's where similar to Jesus actions. Such as looking out for the disadvantaged, renewal of the earth etc etc.
Then they laid out what they thought was their winning hand.
"But Bob Brown is a homosexual".

In many ways I'm glad I've moved on from Charismatic / Evangelical Church. The theology for me is just barrier to loving people.

I found this interesting transcript of Bob Brown when he had a meeting with the "Exclusive Brethern" regarding his senate enqurie

Bob Brown: As you probably know, I'm gay and I have a same-sex partner and that's a loving relationship.
David Thomas: But that's against, that's against — we repel it because it's against God's word.
BB: God is love, you know. It may be against a written scripture, but you know there is a lot in the scripture that would be horrified if it were brought into reality and were carried out in its literal word.
DT: We don't want to debate it … I'm just saying my reaction to it when you read Romans 1, I mean it's what happens. People get themselves so perverted and they just can't think morally.
BB: My thinking may have been like that many, many years ago. But I've realised that God has created a very diverse world in which love is a big key and hate is a very big foe. But we get ourselves into trouble when we think we can define where the boundaries are where love should be cut short.
Richard Garrett: We've got to discern, we're mixing up love and lust. Now you referred to yourself personally, it certainly wasn't my, I mean I didn't intend to bring it up at all. You're happy to, I appreciate that. My concern is when policies like that, same-sex marriages, are being put forward as it's becoming law. Government making provision for same-sex marriages, now that is completely and utterly wrong. It's against God.
BB: My view is that it is completely and utterly right and it's part of God's creation.
 Also I find it interesting his description of been a "lapsed Presbyterian" .

I would be genuinely interested in Bob Browns understanding of God. His story of been a Presbyterian then becoming a homosexual then to the leader of the 'Greens'. I'm sure that for many his story would be helpful. Especially for those Christians who because of there gender orientation have had to walk away. Often with very painful experiences.

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