Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wikileaks and truth

I've enjoyed the revelations from Wikileaks. In many ways it has increased my cynicism of Government. Some of articles which confirm my discomfort with government.

:: "The Age" RIO Tino giving evidence to Chinese authorities regarding one if its employees. Why isn't the Australian government responding to this?

:: "The Age" Mark Arbib one of labour 'faceless' men, telling the US that Rudd would be replaced months in advance from when it happened. Giving the US the low down on how Australian government decisions are made. What a RAT!

:: "The Age" Kevin Rudd reporting that the Afgan war 'scares the hell' out of him. It makes you wonder was the whole parlementary debate was about? What are we doing there if Rudd has such resovations?

:: The ABC Paypal refusing payments to wikileaks? Yet takes money from the porn industry, the klu klux klan. What is it about company's that make moral judgement about what is right and wrong?

I certainly don't think wikileaks is doing the wrong thing. I'm sure the Murdock press and other media moguls would publish whistle blower material if it was in there interest. But I fear that Murdock has to much money and to many friends in high places, its not in his interest to be the first to publish. Sure his paper rats on small local stuff. But this, no way.
One of the good thing about the internet is that we don't have to read media moguls material. We have a choice. Murdock et als  power base is been chipped away.
The thing which is most worrying is governments not doing things because they are the 'right thing to do'. Rather there motivations are about alliances, what's best for business, what makes our country look better.
Is there such a thing as open government? Honest government? Honest people in power?
It just makes the Greens party look better and better.

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