Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bass, Ken Smith, Victorian Election 2010

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It was a bit of a surprise to me that our local liberal Ken Smith is going to be the speaker of the next parliament in Victoria.

Although it was a bit a disappointment that he is rather phobic to technology.  From the ABC::

Mr Smith was firm when asked if he would like to see a crackdown on MPs using Facebook and Twitter while in the Parliament.
"Yeah I would," he said.
Com'on Ken, get with it, like you colleagues Greg Hunt who also represents us federally, dripping us with his pearls of wisdom and government stuff ups (A bit predictable really). Occasionaly revealing that he is a human ::
Thank you @ and others for birthday wishes. Big thank you to my wife for the chocolate cake delivered here. Staff v. happy too!
So Ken, let a few tweets through, just to see that you lot are working and are human....

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