Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forge Australia winding back up?

Got an interesting comment on my blog 'Forge wind dowwnnn'::

g'day have a look at www.forge.org.au for Re launch event and we are still operating in the North with rumuors of starts again in the West, and down South. cheers,

Looks as there is a bit of life in Forge yet. I also got in my inbox as well as I discover on the forge.org.au web site  'Forge Re-launch' event.

Our first event on November 30  – LIVING WITH TOUGH CONVICTION IN AN EASY WORLD – features a number of ‘must-listen-to’ special guests. Michael Frost was a co -conspirator with Alan Hirsch at the beginning of the Forge journey and brings us a message about living with a tough conviction flavoured by stories of people he has bumped into on his journey.
Peter Breen was a Wesleyan Minister who has journeyed to Jugglers Art Space in Brisbane to support his love for art, artists and how faith fits into real life.
Stephen Drinkall, is involved with the Pathway collective, a group of friends working out what it means to live incarnationally in the suburbs, while supporting each other and many others in their wake.
Steve Turner, working with Forge for 7 years, best at being a missionary, worst at admin, loves people and finding the extraordinary hiding under the ordinary stuff of life.

Good on them re-launching Forge I think still has somthing to offer.
It is interesting the 'rumours' down south'. Most of the people I know down in Victoria who where connected with Forge where pretty exhausted and moving there own way after it all wound up. Although there where some interesting connections been made with City Life near the end.
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