Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apple the moral arbitor

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Interesting that Apple has removed from the app store the "Manhatten declaration". From Christianity Today::

Apple's iTunes App Store has removed a program for the Manhattan Declaration after critics decried the declaration as "anti-gay" and "anti-woman."
The app, which went online in October, enabled users to sign the declaration, visit the website, and take a survey relating to the declaration. posted a petition--which picked up over 7,000 signers in a few days--asking that Apple remove the "anti-gay and anti-choice" application....
....Observers have long puzzled over Apple's criteria for accepting and rejecting apps; in fact many people accused Apple of a double standard when they rejected a number of apps designed specifically for the gay community. The company said they rejected the apps for objectionable content, though many say that the cited content was no worse than that available in apps the company has accepted (like the one promoting the recent movie Bruno).
Apple in its quest for control has now become a moral arbitor for what is wrong and right. I think its a worrying situation when really large companies start to champion morals and ethics. Another reason that I'll be sticking to android. Apple should just stick to making good products.
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