Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gap, where Forge once was....

One of the things that surprised me over the weekend at the Rusty Springs festival was the amount of people who had been through or connected to Forge. I suppose there are a number of feelings expressed.
  • That Forges Message of 'Mission' is now common language to the major Churches. 
  • That 'Main stream Churches' have diluted Forges message with there own spin.
  • That now there is no, independent 'Space' for like minded people in Australia.
  • A disappointment at the hype of 'Forge' in the USA, while Australia effectively shut its doors, especially in its birth place of Victoria.
  • That Forge once a radical movement on the edge is now, especially in the USA, now appealing to the main stream middle. 
Some of these things I agree with, others I don't.

I think Forge has planted important seeds in Australia; yet I think in many ways, people and the idea will never be ignited in the same way. It was a sort of home, which you will look back with fondness yet know that you have grown up and can't go back.