Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rusty Springs

Got Back from Rusty Springs yesterday so a bit of an update.

I went to a few things, but not as much as I would have liked. The first night was a shocker in the tent, rain rain rain. We were dry but if you wanted to go to the toilet etc etc leaving the tent was a terrible especially with kids. So we ended up at a beautiful B&B that liked kids so it worked out well (except for the $$$).

I got to three workshops which I will blog on in a bit more detail.

  • Whats happening when what I believe is not what I used to believe.
  • Ethical Shopping
  • Slow food
We also spent a lot of times with the 'Rusty Kids' and families. This was great, We did stuff with kids and we also chatted and got to know other parents.

There was also a fair bit of music but I didn't get to any of it. I was just to stuffed at night. 

Overall we will try to get there again next year and be a bit more prepared with camping arrangements.