Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Triumph of the Nomads by Geoffrey Blainy

Triumph of the Nomads: A History of Aboriginal Australia

I think this book is a must for anyone who values Australian history. It puts a perspective on how small a part the white settlement is part of Australian history. A few points that had me thinking::

  • The Aboriginals had a better standard of living especially in regards to nutrition than most of Europe at the time of the invasion. Food was never an issue for these nomadic people
  • Looking at aboriginal history it is ancient. It would be very hard to reconcile a Christian 'young earth' theory with these people.
  • Aboriginals where around when prehistoric beasts were roaming in Australia.
  • The aboriginals had an amazing and elaborate way of using dams and weirs in there catching of fish.
  • It is a sad the loss of knowledge, especially that of bush foods and other ways of Aboriginal survival since Australian white settlement.