Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee Roasting Log, Behmor 1600, 15th March, 2010

Behmor Home Coffee Roaster + 8 pounds coffee + free shipping

Bean:: coffee snob, "Peru Cejade Selva"
Weight: 500gm
Weight roasted:: 420gm
Ambient temp :: 19.7c
Weight Profile ::1 pound
Profile :: P2 "c"
Time :: 21.30s
First Crack:: 5.2s
Rolling Crack::4.3s
Second crack 2.08s
Cool down:: 2.08 Happening into the cool down.

Grading, sweet maria:: 10-11 City+
Notes: consistently comes out a lighter looking roast. Especially compared to the brazilian pulp. Will probably turn this into a blend.