Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee Roasting Log, Bhmor 1600, 15th March, 2010

Behmor Home Coffee Roaster + 8 pounds coffee + free shipping
Bean:: coffee snob, "Decaf Wow"
Weight: 500gm
Weight roasted:: 420gm
Ambient temp :: 20.9c
Weight Profile ::1 pound
Profile :: P2 "c"
Time :: 21.30s
First Crack:: 6.10s
Rolling Crack::??s
Second crack 2.55s
Cool down:: 2.00 Happening into the cool down.

Grading, sweet maria:: 10-11 City+
Notes: The is the first large amount of decaf that I've roasted. Really hard to hear a second crack. The other thing I expected was a quicker roast which didn't happen.

I'm probably going to try a different decaf next time. There isn't enough information from coffee snobs about the bean or where it is from.

Taste will tell!