Monday, March 15, 2010

Athiests religion and politics

For me a refreshing blast from the media covering the atheists in Melbourne.

One interesting quote from The Age, that the convention resembled 'a religion'. I would have to agree. It seemed most similar to a Hillsong conference that would be put on in Sydney.

The other interesting thing was how the Australian media went out to ask to ask our politians what they belived in. Some mixed results.

The coalition shadow ministry; non, as I expected described themselves as atheist.
Most of the actual leaders of both party described themselfs as 'lapsed', catholic, anglican, prespitarian, etc etc. I found this a bit of a cop out. I suspect if pushed they would actually end up saying they are agnoistic. The cynical side of me says that there are votes in this. Considering that 19% of the populations call themselves atheist something is not representative...

What I found the most fascinating was Bob Browns answer. "'lapsed Presbyterian''. He could have said anything and I wouldn't have been surprised. Yet I think there is a story to be told with this answer. considering he is gay. It is a story which I would really be interested in hearing considering his passion for the environment.