Monday, March 15, 2010

John Howard's rubbish

John Howard has come out against the current government (not suprisingly), saying::

The former Prime Minister has launched a scathing attack on his successor, saying Kevin Rudd has "done nothing" in government, that the economic stimulus was "too big" and that Labor lacks the courage for reform, but he concedes Labor will probably be re-elected.
This to me is more to do with the current system::

1) The current political cyle is to short,

2) The opposition is blocking anything the goverment is trying to do.

I also suspect that the current Rudd government will not want to go to an early election because they will want to fry Abbot "Slowly". His natural conservative style will slowly reveal itself. Which to the media and the general public is not the middle ground.

Its a shame because it just reveals the limitation of our political system. Political inaction.