Sunday, November 17, 2013


We have never really hit our straps composting, our results have always been a bit mixed. A couple of weeks ago we went to a workshop at the Cowes community garden. Adrain lead the workshop and the other week I tried to emulate the procces. We did a layer of pea straw, wasted from the kitchen which was stored in the tumbler (see the picture below), wood shavings and chicken poo which I'd just got from cleaning out the chicken coop, a bucket of coffee grounds from our barista at oz bikes, lots of grass clippings and topped off with lots of water and pea straw.
I turned it yesterday and the centre was roasting hot. So it seems the hot composing is working...
Our pile of grass clippings
The tumbler which doesn't quite cut it with the making of compost, but is good at storing the vege scaps.




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urbanmonk said...

I find adding a handful of well rotted chook manure every time I add some kitchen scraps to about 70% carbon is speeding up the breakdown process