Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bass, let's get a new candidate who will listen


There is a lot of controversy about our local member Ken Smith. As speaker he appears to have lost support of the parliament. This will be a bonus for Bass residents.

You would think if he was going to hold the parliament to ransom it would be about things that matter to the people who live in his electorate. Not about his own personal agenda. Some of the things that do matter are to us on the Island are ::

A hospital on Phillip Island. He has totally ignored this, refusing to speak to those who are organising rally's,

A secondary school on the island. The federal member has been very supportive but Ken had to many meetings in Melbourne to attend the local interest groups meetings.

A local pool instead of the 45 minutes to go to Wonthaggi which has a smaller population.

Yep resign Ken, so the Parlement can operate and we can have an effective voice in Phillip Island.


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