Friday, November 15, 2013


Beauty is always somthing which attracts me. My friend Cat recently wrote about it, and last night I watched the interview with Paul Keating. I was fascinated that he is a person who is ultimately motivated by beauty. His story of buying a watch which cost him three months of wages because it was in his words was almost perfect. His listening to classical music I almost got the sense that his found in the sounds a conduit to something Spiritual.

I am attracted to the same sort of things, ultimately I attribute this to God. Yet when I listen to Paul Keating I get the sense that he feels things the same as me, but much more than myself. That he is willing to pay three months wages for a thing of beauty. I bet he also has a costly sound system to hear every tone of beautiful melody which he hears.

I suppose there is a cost t beauty. To implement what you think is the best.


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