Friday, November 15, 2013

A free new, online news source.

A couple of days ago a new free online news source emerged 'The New Daily'. At this stage it is refreshing. I haven't spent a cent for years on anything that Murdoch owns. The Age online is way overpriced and the "special deals" they send me are getting close. (I've written a bit about it already).

So I was willing to give The New Daily a go. So far I like what I see. The article on Paul McCartney was spot on and is promising for what is to come. Especially in regards to feature articles.

Although I'm suprised that the biggest story in Victoria Ken Smith loosing the support of the Victorian Parlement 24hrs latter is still not up on there web site...

So I'll be checking out the site as well as my regular The Guardian read for free and see how things pan out.

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