Friday, October 4, 2013

Bendigo Coffee

The last couple of days we have been in Bendigo which means searching for coffee. On the first day we went to what looked like a very promising place. The brewhouse coffee Bendigo, When we entered the premises we were greated by very friendly staff and shown round the back to an over flow type room. Passing on the way some very impressive coffee machines including our own Miss Silvia. In the overview room we sat next to two quite large gas roasting machines.

Now we were expecting big things, I asked for the the regular flat white which was there standard blend. It was weak. I could taste the flavour but just. The flat white serving cups would have been smaller than usual so I was a bit surprised. 1/10.

I thought this maybe just a bad day so I thought I'd go the next day. This time I asked a few questions. Again the girl that served me seemed to know what she was talking about with floral notes and aromas. So I went for the single origin. Pointing out that I thought that my last cup was rather weak. OH DEAR another dud. 1/10


I decided to next to go to the Wholesome bean. We had the house blend and lunch.



The coffee I was great, strength was just right and the flavour was great. 8/10. We stayed for lunch having mini falafel burgers and chick pea chips. Not huge but every bite delicious. The staff though, seemed just uptight, no smiles in this place...


Bendigo redeemed itself in the end, phew.


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