Monday, September 16, 2013

The John Lennon letters, by John Lennon, edited Hunter Davis


I've always been a Beatles fan, I sort of always enjoyed Paul McCartney for all his froth an bubble but John there was always something more. This book revealed a bit more of John to me.

Some of the things that stood out::

He seemed to genuinely want peace. The way he signed lots of his letters love John or with a xx. It would seem even at times conflict with Paul and Linda McCartney letters would have this ending. It seemed he was always open with Paul to Reconciliation.

There was or appeared to be a need for John to continue links with his family and cousins. Maybe things have changed now, but I rarely see any of mine cousins, maybe asking my parents about them but that is all. Maybe this was about Johns childhood been brought up by his Aunty.

His relationship with Yoko Ono is one that perplexes me, it seems as at times it was incredibly co-dependent. Yet I never knew about the time they separated for a year. They certainly seemed to be fruitful at times in a creative way.

"Primal scream", sounds like it was pretty wacky, it would be interesting if this was around now.

I was a good book, certainly the Beatle fan will find lots of little jewels with it



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