Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jesus wants to save Christians, Rob Bell

Out of all the Rob Bell books that I've read this would be the most uninspiring. Not that I didn't like what he wrote, rather the majority I'd heard before. The classical re-phrasing the Old Testament story and revelling how it is brought to fruition in Jesus. Yes Bell has his own quirky way to tell a story, but if the content isn't new my eye glaze. For others it maybe a revelation.

The only part which I found interesting was the talk of 'empire' and putting the US in context to the Roman Empire.



Bob Garbett said...

Hi Scott,

Funny, that was my reaction also, in fact I didn't finish the book for that reason. As you've said, most of it has been said before and its like the book should have come out about ten years ago. My favourite Rob Bell would have to be 'LOVE WINS' it must be good because it has attracted the most criticism by those, so called, guardians of the Orthodoxy / faith Piper, Carson, Driscoll & co

Scott said...

Hey Bob, thanks dropping a comment, I like rob Bell and even if this book is a bit of same same. I do appreciate how he is on the edge.