Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Australian Election 2013

This election would have to be the most uninspiring that I've ever had to vote in. The Labor party I just can't seem to be inspired by, I just get that feeling that they are only united because of the election and Kevin will go back to his cranky micro managing everything. The Coalition, well nothing inspiring, no vision. Not that Labor has either...

The only glimmer of hope is that the independents, they will add a bit of color to politics if they get a few seats, even more so if they have the balance of power.

This last parliament I recon they made it harder for the minority government to govern. But they kept the legislative process more accountable. I think there were better outcomes than just a majority labor or liberal party's in power.

So with the minor parties we have Palmer United which appear to be polling well, Katter's Party and the Greens. So Yeah for the minority's and independents!

On a Christian perspective, Mark Connors has it right with politics on his blog a nice balanced perspective.


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