Saturday, August 24, 2013

People are different

People are different.

I think that once you understand this you don't really care if someone isn't coerced to your position.

I suppose there is a safety in uniformity knowing that you are on the same page as others. So diversity is a threat to many. People who are different are a threat.

Religious belief is a big one, people like to know who is on their side.

I've seen people get into complete lathers because I or someone doesn't hold the same theological position as themselves. (Yes a love using the language of Marcus Borg differentiating between what is true and what is literal: it's always a great trigger) When it's a big issue it's personal, it's a challenge to there beliefs. A framework for all they know has been attacked.

I think there are two types of people who are dogmatic on there beliefs.

Those with a simple faith, they don't need to dig deeper, they are just happy with what they believe. Often life is a testimony how things have turned out around them, this is enough to settle it. Simple.

Then there are those who are challenged, who have doubts but don't want life turned up side down. So they dig deeper, deeper in their theology, books that reinforce there position, in prayer, in fervour.

Yet with doubts: they act as guards, stronger and mightier. Telling people to believe this or you can only be saved this way... These are the ones to be warey of, honesty has been replaced with the need for conformity, to feel safe. Dogmatics.

So yes I like hearing ramblings how people make sense of the world and the variety of answers adds colour. There seems to be honesty of real engagement. Not the need for conformity.

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