Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Age digital subscription, rip off.







One of the first apps that got on my iPad was 'The Age', it was terribly buggy initially but after a year or so it was up to scratch.

The beginning of July Fairfax the owners of The Age introduced a digital subscription. While I think paying for good journalism is the right thing to do, I also think that the options should be broader than what is currently on offer at fairfax at the moment.

I don't think paying $25 a month is worthwhile for me considering I really only ever read Saturday or Sunday additions. That means I'm paying close to $4 for the two days a week which I read the paper. This is on top of a $500 dollar device that I payed for, and it's also my bandwidth I've pays for it as well.

Having an option just to purchase just that day, is what I want. It's actually the fair thing to do.

So now it's the ABC, and BBC that keeps me informed. Or if I'm desperate I'll go to the library or a cafe for a physical copy.


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