Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Compass, whatever happened to the charismatics?


This was an interesting show, I found it so because I was at one stage part of the Charismatic Movement. The late '80 early 90's being part of an Anglican Church in Bendigo.

I'm not sure that the show actually answered the question. Maybe for the the small Uniting Church congregation in Cambera. But not Australia. It was still interesting though!

I think there should have been some definition of the word Charismatic. My definition would be the usage of the gifts of the Spirit in main stream churches. Eg tongues or prophesy used openly in the congregations of Anglican, Uniting Church, Catholic etc. You would then find that most have moved on to the Pentecostal movement which accounts for most of the Pentecostal growth in the 90's. I suppose this was answered in the micro level with the story of O'Connor, but not Australian wide.

Reflecting was this migration the best thing? I don't think so, the main stream has become stale without that expression in the Church. It's a shame.


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