Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abbott and Carbon

Tony Abbotts "non-delivery of an indivisible substance" has brought up a problems with his negative slogans. It reveals and it is important for me that he cannot articulate why his negative slogans are true.

All of people when I have asked the question whether they are worse off after the "tax" reply no. (Yes I think there maybe bussiness out there, but when pushed a bit they havn't invested in ways to reduce electricity eg solar or more efficient refrigeration.)

I understand that politicians speak in hyperbole. But Tony has taken it to the extreme to the extent he is only speaking to those who are already rusted on Coalistion supporters.


I can't help thinking that if the liberals really want to win the election convincingly they need Turnbull. I can feel confident that although I may not agree with opinion he will have a slogan backed up with an articulate argument.

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