Friday, March 8, 2013

The liberal party and the cattle in the paddock.


Your team is only as good as the cattle in the paddock. A lot has been made of Ballieu and his failings as a Premier, since his resignation. But I can't help think the governments issues is also about the quality of ministers. A few examples

Treasurer Kim Wells :: Victoria is now in recession, enough said.

Deputy Ryan :: Overland ex- top cop and his 'resignation' the smell continues to linger.

David Davis :: Everything about health seems to be in crisis: from fixing the problems to even worse problems. Waiting lists have blown.

Mathew Guy planning minister :: Seems to ignore planning advice, but happy to listen to Mr Rob Maclellan about planning issues down in Ventnor. Eventually through strong local protests he backs down...

Our local member Ken Smith :: Still has not replied to my email regarding a secondary School for the island.

I sort of feel sorry for Ted Ballieu, it is no wonder his fortunes faded.

He was gracious how he lead and stepped down. I liked him, his quiet ways. It was refreshing compared when you listen to to federal government. Unlike most politicians I never got the impression he was in it for power. Rather I think he thought he could make a difference.

It will be interesting how the liberals work with 'Christian' Mr Shaw from Frankston, now the king maker. A person who makes obscene gestures in parliament, alleged rortes with his tax payer funded car and his homophobia. (It is a reason you have to be very carefully with the 'Christian' label and politics, it can do more damage than good.)

He reminds me of federal politics where Peter Slipper was a ticking time bomb for the labor party....


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