Saturday, March 9, 2013

Father Bob Maguire on death and faith.

Great interview in the the Age today with Father Bob Maguire,

Cutting through Bob's larrikin answers you can see there is of depth and honesty yo his answers::

So what happens when we die? ''I'm buggered if I know,'' he says again. ''You know this is not all there is when you listen to music, you see the sunset or the sunrise. Or you look in the eyes of a baby. We become fascinated with our own image and likeness and we try to preserve that environment so we're safe, like the church is trying to do now.

''But we have an instinct there is something else going on. You can either call it faith, you can call it hope, you can call it imagination, you can call it what you bloody well like. All I know is I am optimistic.''


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