Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Election of a Pope, how foreign it all is...


You can't help read the news without seeing something about the election of a new Pope.

I've looked through the candidates and can't help reflect that they will be all following the last Pope John Paul's, conservative roots. Celibacy, no condoms, no women ordination, etc etc.

I reflect on this while watching them, cardinals brightly dressed in red, old men. They appear completely out of place. I wonder if they have twitter, facebook accounts? Know what the latest music the young people are listening to where they live? Have an reflection on a current movie? I watch these elders shuffling along thinking of Nick Caves song "God is in the house" and wonder where?

I can't help thinking that the Catholic Church will continue to loose its way regarding relevancy. Its a shame Catholicism has a lot to offer, I love its mysticism, it's depth of theology,it's breathing with seasons.

But the Church appears uninspiring with the leaders it is putting forward.

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