Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Lentil as anything

On Sunday after going to Solace in Melbourne we headed off to 'Lentil as anything', not far away. Its a place which I've wanted to go to for ages. Its based on the principle of you pay for what you think the meal is worth.

You can see from the blurb from the photo which I took some their objectives. Whilst eating I could see that they were addressing social isolation, supporting migrants and refugees. I couldn't help wondering when I was looking at the staff what there stories were? What countries did they come from? Where they here because of war or famine? Has the training that has occurred at 'lentil as anything' to be a waiter, cook barista helped them integrate into Australian society?

So for me the problem was how much to pay? Christina thought it was like her days at university with all of the vegan and vegetarian foods. She thought it should cost about $40 for what we ate as a family. Jemima, 6 price $1, and thought this was hilarious.

Anyway I think I gave more than it was worth. The reason was I could afford to, and I felt that these guys were making a great contribution to individuals and community at large.


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