Monday, February 4, 2013

A Comment

I get rather annoyed when I take the time to post a comment to a blog, and it get removed with no reason... I just guess it would be polite to have a comment policy or to write a short reply why it was removed. (Maybe the computer had a fit!)

Anyway I thought the following comment was pretty fair so Im going to post the comment here. Its not the original comment. I can't remember it word for word. But I'd say its pretty close. The original post was from "A Pentecostal Really?"::

"I would wear that criticism as a badge of honour.

I think the piece on St Francis reminds me of Panentheism (As opposed to pantheism). I often wonder at what the manifestations and workings of the Holy Spirit prior to Pentecostalism. A period of roughly be 1900 years.

Its a good piece. Thanks for your thoughts Steven keep up the posts."

If you see anything objectionable let me know, i'd be interested!

[update its reappeared! Lets call it a blog malfunction.]

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