Friday, February 15, 2013

The beauty of simplicity.

It's pure greed up-selling. The idea that your senses will tingle more with a product more expensive with a few more whistles.

Riding a bike for me is fun, a pleasure when you feel the wind rushing by as you coast down a hill. Or as you lean into a tight turn. You can do this on any bike really. You don't need the latest whiz bang hubs, disk brakes etc.

Surround sound, full on Dolby, I can feel a train go through my lounge room experience. It doesn't really add that much to a good movie. I thought Avatar was a fanatic movie and we watched it on our cheap $500 flatscreen.

Swimming in the ocean, just board shorts, no fancy full length steamer. You still get the power of the waves, the salt on your skin. It's magic.

Life can be enjoyed with just the basics. No real need for up selling.


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