Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The big old tree


This is a photo Christina took in 2012 out side our front window. She entered it in The Age iphoneography comptetion and it got in!

The tree unfortunately the tree is looking poorly so we got the arborist in to have a look. Sick trees in estates are not uncommon according to the arborist as much of the sub-soil sets messed around. Our estate has a number of dead and dying trees, what a horror.

Large and dying trees, not an uncommon site for our estate.

The Arborists suggestions was to mulch the drip line, about 8m of mulch and plant some Indiginous grass in the mulch. Also the posums have been eating the leaves and causing havoc. So a posum guard is also needed around the base. We will give it six months and see if its health picks up.

The Mountain of mulch...


The native grasses go in.


10 or so years ago I would have just chopped it down, but now these things represent a beauty. Aged withered and full of other life. I suppose its just about looking out for something that is God's creation. To be photographed and enjoyed.


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