Monday, December 17, 2012


Lolita by Vladumir Nabokov

I once read that Lolita was one of the books that you 'must read' in a magazine or blog somewhere. I looked at the subject matter and was instantly turned off. Christina read it a couple of weeks ago and came to the same conclusion, it is a must read. After reading it myself, yes it is one of those books which is a must read.

The subject matter is disturbing, there is no getting away from it. Yet there is a range of emotions which you encounter. Worry for Dolores, anger at Humbert, sorrow at Humbert, the fear of being caught for Humbert. It is all twisted. It is as if Nabokov is playing with you. The reader is the victim in it all.

Nabakov's talent as a writer is amazing. His descriptions are often poetic. Often a pity one liner can make you stop and wonder at its beauty. Amazing considering English is his second language.

So yes I gave it 4/5. It could have been 5, but that is left for a novel which I want to read on. Not one where I dread to read what happens.

Vladimir Nabokov 

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