Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Redistribution of Bass, maybe some movement on issues...

Certainly were I live Phillip Island there seems to be two main issues.

  • The lack of a 24 hour medical facility
  • A secondary college
I've the following letter to both federal and state members of parliament::


Dear Mr .....

I'm writing to you to voice my concern with the growth of Phillip Island and the lack of infrastructure to accommodate it. A 24 hour medical facility and a secondary school are the most obvious.

The need for a secondary school. At present we have one daughter at Cowes primary who is in prep, she is one of five classes for that age for this School. There are also prep classes in Newhaven and San Remo. It would appear to me that there is more than enough pupils for a secondary School, possibly more than Wonthaggi.

Secondly a hospital. This was brought to my attention in the local Phillip Island Advertiser this week, with a group letter to the editor by prominent locals to the island. Pointing out the inadequacies and inequality of the health provision in the island. I was shocked to see how many much smaller communities have there own hospitals.

I believe that that this will become a real state election issue for residents on the island. At present pointing at Wonthaggi is a cop out. A one road to Wonthaggi which takes up to 45 minutes for some residents on the island is not the answer.

At this stage Mr Greg Hunt our federal representative, got back to me within an hour! He was encouraging to the causes with suggestions on how to get things going.

Yet Mr Ken Smith, no reply...

On his Summer Community Update 2012, lot of photos of Ken... None addressing the most important issues on the island.

I noticed on Anthony Greens blog that Bass electorate is due for an urgent redistribution . 27.5% over quota. Buy goodness I hope Ken starts addresses local issues, retires or gets booted out. I thought the time when the liberal party assumed a "born to rule" mentality was over. Thank goodness Greg Hunt kicks this trend, Im not so sure about Ken Smith though...


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