Monday, December 3, 2012

A Way of life...

Fellow blog Bob Garbett wrote a quote on his blog lately ::

“Buddhism presents itself as a way of life, Christianity presents itself as a system of belief.” (Peter Senge)

Its interesting that Christina has been again examining Churches at Phillip island : They all have a 'What we believe'.

I think for people who are checking things out maybe : 'what we don't belive' would be better. Or If you don't believe in in the virgin birth, or miricles don't exist, or there is really no devil, or God character is closer to that of theism than we think then :: you will never be allowed to lead anything in our church or truely belong.

It is in many way difficult to have the freedom to grow other than by a narrow set of parameters. The whole idea of space to getting things wrong. I find it difficult to believe that 'Bam, someone can automatically give assent to a statment of believe' unless it is just a huge act of faith. Intellectually I find this dishonest in a way.

I suppose this is where I find the statment 'Buddhism presents itself as a way of life' as attactive. Living is emphasised. I think Jesus revealed this in the Gospels, and Paul set the path in narrowing Jesus life into a system beliefs.

It is very much orthopraxis verses othodoxy.


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