Friday, November 9, 2012

Blogs- what I'm reading, what I've started reading, stopped reading and those which I still enjoy.

Blogs I've started reading::

The Greening of Gavin: Basically about a bloke to had a green epiphany, basically his blog is about the little things and some large things you can do to make the earth a greener place. At times he writes with such fervour it reminds me of a Christian blog....

Cycle EXIF:: There is something about looking at cycles that makes me drool.

Australian Friend:: Quaker stories and theology, refreshing how they look at life.

Shane Clifton:: A Pentecostal pastor, lecturer how had a surfing accident, is now a paraplegic. A brave story. I'm finding it interesting how he interacts with life God and his disability.

Simply Simon:: pastor of Collins Street Baptis, reads some interesting books, likes food, and is a brittle to liberal for a lot of Christians. My sort of guy.

A therapy for pain:: bike touring, a bit of a dream. This blog is about a trip around Japan.

Stopped Reading

Bob Carr, thought lines:: now that he is foreign minister, his blog has cooled, it's more polite. Not willing to write what he maybe thinking. Yep it's going.

Mark Connor:: I'm sticking with it but just, most these days are pointers from a sermon or bible study. He has moved from been prophetic, looking at current events people etc.

Continuing reading::

Backyard Missionary :: been following this for a long time. Hamm doesn't pull punches. Enjoy his home stories, reflections, passions and thoughts on theology.

Home brewed Christianity :: These guys at times a bit cerebral. But for me cutting edge on Christian it's and Spirituality

View from a room:: Bob, a person who struggles with the mainstream Christiantiy and forging his own path.

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