Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big picture.

I often spend time pondering Christianity. Most of the public only really gets to see Christianity through its mouth pieces eg mega pastors, denominatioal leaders or lobbyists speaking to big issues. The answers on issues are usually in media bites of yes and no, right or wrong. There is no place for shades of grey.

For example same sex marriage: the public usually hear that it is unnatural and immoral. It's wrong.

While I think first and foremost it is the individuals and there stories which are missed, which should be the stories. The person who has stuggled with their attraction to the same sex all there life, has hated themselves because of it. Wanted to change but couldn't even when they were a Christian, have been picked on because of been different most of their life.

Most of the time we never hear the horror stories from the Christian mouth pieces speaking up about this minority. I often wonder do they even know a person from a minority position. Not just had a one off lunch. But a relationship that has tasted time.

I doubt it. Most Christians I know only socialise with Christians and socialise with family at Christmas and weddings.

It is individual that get left out much of the time, with the Christian big picture. It must make Jesus weep.


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