Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Billy Graham; Oh just let him be...

It looks like Franklin Graham got his Dad up and motivated to 'do all I can do' to help out the Romney Campaign according to Christianity Today.

Two things made me feel disappointed about this ::

  1.  After reading Billy Grahams autobiography I came away with the impression that he was neutral when it came to both Democratic and Republican parties. This stance has served the Christianity well.
  2. It would appear that Franklin, Billy Grahams son who has often sided with the Republican party, wheeled out his aged, parkinson afflicted father and made the statement.

'In October 2012, Billy Graham publicly endorsed the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.[26] Shortly after, references to Mormonism as a cult were removed from Graham's website.[27][28] Observers have questioned whether the support of Republican and religious right politics on issues such assame-sex marriage coming from Graham—who no longer speaks in public or to reporters—in fact reflects the views of his son, Franklin, head of the BGEA. Franklin has denied this, and says that he will continue to act as his father's spokesperson rather than allowing press conferences.[29]'

I just wish Franklin would stop using his father name and goodwill. Its just such a shame. Then again the priests sons in the Old Testement were always shaming their fathers...

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