Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jo Hockey, same sex marriage and cooking


I've become a bit of a fan of kitchen cabinet, an ABC show hosted by Annabel Crab. It is where Australian politicians cook up a dish and share it with Annabel and chat about life and politics. It is at times insightful.

The episode with Jo Hockey was one such episode. Not because of his cooking. I couldn't believe that he didn't know how to get the heart out of a lettuce... Rather his views on same sex marriage. I have previously written about his tortured response to this on Q and A. He padded this out more on kitchen Cabinet. His position which has firmed was due to having children.

I have to admit that I have also rethought my position since children. For children mine anyway, it seems that everything must have a mummy or a daddy. If they see a sheep in the field they ask : "where's the Daddy?" or "the Mummy?". It's a repetitive question down to snails, frogs, birds etc. Simply for them it seems to be the way things should be.

If life wasn't complicated, messy, I would agree with children and Jo Hockey. The clincher for me is friends who are different. The majority never wanted to be gay or transgendered. Most have really battled, been picked on, ostracised, a real struggling minority. I'm not sure legislating against them is right, even if it isn't the preferred way of things.


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