Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reading a bit more critically...

One of the things that I often reflect on is how I read and listen differently to how I would have 20 years ago. I was in many ways forced to look at things critically with tertiary education

I've been reading Mark Connors series on relationships and specifically his thoughts on homosexuality.

Once upon a time I would have just swallowed it. No questions asked.

Now I'd want to know: Who is Mark Connors? Would he be writing from a certain bent? The answer is easily googled. Pentecostal, largest church in Melbourne. Just from this information, I've worked out the angle of the article, usually I wouldn't even need to read on. (I like Mark Connors I'm not sure I agree with his outworking of the meta-narrative of scripture but I like how he is on the side of the wretched and poor)

There are questions which I think the secular world is waiting for an answer from evangelical pentecostal churches. The most important is when a homosexual couple is in a loving monogomous relationship? I think that most of the verses Mark mentions is in context of a lustful homsexual incounters.

The other questions which I would be asking are there others historically and contempory which have contrary views?

Of cource there are::

A great piece by baptist minister in Collins Street Simon Cary Holt, supporting homosexual marriage.

The ancient Church there are examples of Homosexual marriage: From the wikipedia::

Historian John Boswell claimed the 4th century Christian martyrs Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus were united in the ritual of adelphopoiesis, which he calls an early form of religious same-sex marriage

A cure for homosexuality; a reading of an article by Jerray Marks is perfound and worth reading.

So like most things now I read differntly, with a critical eye; sometimes I swing one side or another but usualy If I don't have much inverstment I sit on the fence. But others where I think there is an issue of equality and Gods overall plan, then I'll look at things a bit more critically.

One of the biggest challenges for me as a Christian who once held Mark Connors view, was really knowing and understanding Homosexuals. I would think that the majority of large Church pastors in Melbourne would not have a homosexual friend that they have walked next to in friendship for over 10 years. Known there ups and downs; The desperate measures they get to.

It gives there didactic writings and orations no credibility.

I was pleased to read from Mark that "Anti-Gay is not an option" phew, some have moved on, even if slowly.


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