Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wiggles; the party's over

Alan Jeans, the Hawthorn premiership coach in the 80's made a statement on his retirement from football "Never leave a party to late". I'm pretty sure it is a reference to sportsmen that keep playing well past their used by date; they only really have their place in the team because of the glow from their past glories but really, it looks ugly. Mark Taylor the Australian captain comes to mind; the last two years when ever he came in to bat I winced. He was well past his peak.

The Wiggles; well I seems to me to be a similar story. They are changing the batten with a new batch of performers except for Anthony. It seems to me to be a shame that these guys couldn't have worked it out and gone out on a high when Sam left. It will be a slow slide for Wiggles with a rotating of red, yellow and green clothing over the next couple of years. (I doubt blue though).

For me now when I see the Wiggles and see that grin from Anthony I see a business man (Sam was 'just a hired hand"...) Just as well my kids have gone off them; Its like watching Mark Taylor all over again. Except I think Mark didn't know how to let go. The Wiggles well three of them know its time.

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