Tuesday, May 29, 2012



I've been an on and off vegetarian since I was married. My wife Christina is a vegetarian. There are a number of reasons that I've been 'on'.

  • Watching the movie 'food inc' and the whole disconnection with nature and unnaturalness of the food industry put me off.
  • The last years footage of the abattoirs in Indonesia was anther reason I was put off meat. I was disturbed by the look of fear in the animals eyes.
  • I think there is a health element, when you havnt eaten meat for a while at night my stomach feels light, not that heavy feeling you feel.
  • I think there is a Spiritual element. Budists and Hindus are well known for been vegitarians. Christians well I think there maybe an argument that pre-fall.
The reason I crumbled is that meat tasted good, it smelt good. It was to hard to pass in a restauants when the only option was some limp vegitarian option.

The last 4-6 months things have changed. It is as if the carnivorous button has been turned off. The smell of cooking meat does not draw me; nor does the thought of some taste morsel in my mouth. Even the vegetarian options in restaurants look ok.

It is as if I have just passed some secrete barrier. Maybe it is similar to the addiction to nicotine disappearing...


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