Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another era

One of the things which I like about nursing is conversations with the elderly. There is often a nostalgic touch to their conversation. A converstaion of what was; and an utter confussion at the way progress is taking us.

A conversation which I stated was about the recent Grace Kelly exhibition held in Bendigo. The posters of her around the city reveal a beautiful glamorous woman. The person who I was talking too agreeded and then lamented that modern movie stars had often a shadey smutty look... I couldn't help thinking they were right.

It is also interesting when they talk about the Church. Another nostalgic notion for most.

When Sunday was the pinnacle of community life. Which now has dissappeared. It is a conversation which seems to be avoided in our Church. (In which we are the youngest appart from our children.) I wonder if there is an ache when they do not see there own children and grandchildren picking up the roles which nobody can fill; such as been on the Church council, setting up for the church market, the prayers roster, the cuppa roster etc etc. Watching it all continue I often feel is a worthless stoicism. I often feel guilty for not putting up my hand and jumping on board, yet I feel like to volunteer would just delay the inevitable; which is in some ways worse.

I'm happy to lament the decline the Church with those who sit in the pews. Yet the reason; well you can't sit in the past; you need to engage with what is going on around you. A conversation which is almost imposible for those who see the golden age as long past.


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